Physical exercising is one of the main activities that someone can do but yet it is not easy and thus so many people tend to find different excuses for why they don’t do them. Overweight and obese people are the ones who mostly should do physical exercises because their excessive fat is translated to increased risks for different diseases. But that doesn’t mean you should not do them if you have a good BMI because doing exercises will improve your body conditions and health in general. Many people also do exercises to gain their perfect body shape and because of this reason, we decided to present you five different exercises which will mainly help you to have a better posture, amplify your glutes as well burn fat.

Weighted Bridge

Weighted bridges will help you strengthen your glute thus helping for a better posture. When you don’t exercise, glutes muscle will weaken but if you exercise them, they will strengthen and they will pull you vertically along with your back muscles which are also trained during this exercise. The video above is just an option of different glute exercises variation which you can check out here.


Lunges exercise will improve your glutes as well. Not only that but it will also train muscles like quads and hams. The leg which you have forward will have the majority of your body weight meanwhile the back leg helps for a better balance and they both apply the necessary force when you lift your body up.

Squat Pulse

Squat pulse is an exercise which can be done instead of doing squats with weight. It aims to do the same effect as weight squats by extending the stooping time during exercise. While doing the exercise, remember keeping your head straight so that you are not able to look at the floor.

Donkey Kicks

Make sure you release your breath when you lower your leg and breathe when you raise your leg. Keep your body and also your head straight. You are not advised to raise your leg above your body’s level are you may be subject to damage.

Fire hydrant

Position yourself like you used to do in your childhood when you wanted to hide under the table. Start loving your leg on the side until your knee is not higher than your body. You should keep your body straight and make sure not to weight on your supporting side of your body. This exercise will also improve your glute as well your posture.