Losing belly fat is a struggle for many people because stomach fat is very common. While there are many exercises which can be helpful in reducing belly fat, many people tend to do running because it may seem easier. In fact, easier doesn’t mean better and for this reason, we will introduce you some abdominal exercises which are particularly beneficial for losing belly fat as well as building up your muscles. These exercises will last for about 10 minutes but do not underestimate their the effectiveness on belly fat removal.

Crunch exercise

To start off, crunches burn lots of calories and according to azcentral.com, a person who weights some 72 kilograms will lose 98 calories during a 10-minute energetic exercise session. There are different types of crunches like reverse crunch, bicycle crunch, vertical legs crunch, butterfly crunch etc. You can do as many crunches as you find it normal, you should not feel pain.

Plank exercise

In the video from MercolaPeakFitness you can see some types of planks which are good for your abdominal muscles because it will strengthen the core ab muscles which open the road to the sixpack. Planks on stability balls and side planks will help you develop a better posture and improved balance. Not only this but planks will also help you develop improved resilience and will fight back pain.


The Howcast video will give you a hand if you are not familiar with this exercise which will build up your core muscles. Actually, this is a pretty easy exercise because you don’t need equipment and you don’t even need to be a professional to do it. This exercise will strengthen the deepest belly muscles called transverse abdominis. Please, make sure you don’t feel pain while you do it because usually, people feel back pain as a result of a bad practice.

The program

These exercises should be done together at once for a better result in losing belly fat. Also, each of the exercises should take half a minute and altogether they should take one minute and a half. Don’t forget to rest, for about half a minute, before you start the next session and do as many as you can as long as you don’t feel pain. If you have the tendency of challenging yourself, please do it responsibly by advancing in a controlled manner, bit by bit. Don’t be discouraged for the reason that this session may seem very short but it is a very intense exercise and has been proven to be helpful.