I look forward to getting to that age where you don’t give a damn about what other people think. The grandma in this story is a real role model.

A couple of parents are out of town celebrating their wedding day, and ask grandma to keep an eye on their teenage daughter.

It’s Friday evening and the teenage grandchild is getting ready for a date. When the girl walks down the stairs, the grandma is chocked to see that she is wearing a see-through blouse without anything underneath.

“You wouldn’t dare go out dressed like that!” she says to the girl.

“Relax, grandma,” the girl says, “It’s 2017, it’s okay to let your rosebuds show a bit.” The girl quickly runs out of the house before the grandma can get a word in edgewise.

On the next day the girl walks down the stairs again, but is shocked to see her grandma sitting there without any clothes on her upper body.

The girl is incredibly embarrassed by the sight, and tells grandma that she has invited some friends over, and asks her to put on some clothes so it won’t be awkward.

“Relax, honey,” the grandma says, “if you can show your rosebuds, then what’s wrong with me showing my hanging plants?”

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