One of the reasons that so many people procrastinate going to the gym or doing physical exercises is that it requires a lot of dedication and also time. But, what if we tell you that there are some exercises which can take just twenty minutes? Is that ok? These exercises are generally good for your legs. The beautiful part of this is that you can do these physical moves at home. We selected these exercises because they don’t take much time and effort and are a good option for beginners.

Jumping jacks.

Stand still with your feet close to each other on the ground and arms straight down in the normal position. Now all you have to do is to jump. When jumping, you should open your legs more than the width of your hips as well as shoulders. Also, in the meantime, you should also open and raise your arms above our head. They should form a circle form when raising and should meet above your head. Coordinate your arms and leg movements so that when you return to the ground you have your legs close to each other, just like in the starting position and arms the same.

In and Out squats.

You’re going to do a small jump for this exercise as well. First of all, position yourself just like in the above exercise with the difference that your legs should be slightly more bent than your hips. You can use a small weight or no weight at all for beginners. Bend your elbows and grab your hands together. Your hands should normally be just under your chin. Next, get low so that your elbows touch your knees. Make sure to keep your butt low, not up, and also your chest and back straight. Now, you should raise your body a little bit so that you’ll be able to jump and while jumping slightly you move your legs towards each other while getting again the position where your elbows meet your knees. Jump again just like the first time meanwhile widening your legs. Repeat continuously.

Swimming pilates.

Lay on the ground on your stomach and extend your hands forward and also your legs downward. After this position, you should raise your hands and also legs up so that you only lay with your stomach. Next, you should just move your hands and legs up and down, without affecting your body’s position. Make sure to coordinate your limbs movements so that you don’t move both your arms instantly or legs.

Bulgarian split squat.

First of all, you’ll need a chair or something else which does the same function. Position yourself so that the chair is behind you. Raise your leg and support your upper feet on the chair. Move your other leg forward so that its position is slightly bent. Make sure to keep your upper body straight. Now all you have to do is to raise and get down. Raise so that the leg which is in the ground is fully stretched. Then get low so that your leg bends and for an approximately 90-degree angle. Switch sides and repeat.

Isometric squat hold.

This exercise is very simple. It is just as a squat but the only difference is that you hold the position. Stand still and open your legs the same as your shoulders’¬†width. Now grab your hands together just in front of your chest. Further, start bending your knees until you form an approximately 90-degree angle. Make sure to keep your upper body straight and chest forward. Hold the position for as much time as possible.