Madison Gulliver is the name of the 7-year-old girl who went to Egypt with her parents for holidays but came back with a possibly life-lasting scar in her left arm.

They wanted to give her a treat so they thought a temporary tattoo would be perfect for her, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, as it turned out.

Henna is a special dye made from the henna tree and a couple of other plants and has been used for centuries to make tattoos without a problem. Little Madison tattoo was made out of henna and this would suggest that henna is toxic but in fact is was something else that caused the burns.


Black henna contains high levels of a toxic chemical dye, called paraphenylenediamine or PPD, which is illegal to use for skin products.

The young girl’s father stated, “She is potentially scarred for life after getting a black henna tattoo. The tattoo was done in the hotel’s salon and they claim it’s not the henna and that it’s my daughter’s skin. She has blisters from her finger to her elbow and is in so much pain.”

He added,

“We were entirely unaware of the dangers and I think they should warn of this in the brochures. I think it’s partly my fault because I didn’t know about it, but also the fault of the salon because they are using dangerous chemicals on children. We would have thought that the travel agents would have had concerns about this.”

The family is sharing the story so that it won’t happen to anyone else or another kid.

Madison went to a burns specialist who cut the blisters but leaving her with scars, potentially for life but with the advancements in medicine, we really hope she’ll get help.

Parents advice? Avoid black henna tattoos, especially overseas, since cosmetic regulations depend from country to country.