How can models show off their outfits during quarantine

Quarantine got the world by a storm! This global pandemic canceled many plans, stopped us from meeting our friends, going into holidays, and on top of everything we can’t show the amazing outfits we had in our wardrobe. Social media is the only place where models can advertise themself nowadays and you need to make sure you look great for it. Since you’re now an influencer in the modeling world like an Instagram model or fashion model then many people are looking forward to seeing you manage your style not that there isn’t much to show. They want to copy your style and decide on an appropriate outfit for their daily activities. In this post we will show some outfit ideas you can use in quarantine that will keep you active on your social media. More than ever people are looking on their phones right now especially in the USA so looking great for your fans should be your top priority.


Your go-to Outfit

Your go-to outfit should be very casual and comfortable. Everyone has a swear shirt, a pair of comfy pants in their wardrobe since they are easy to get and quite cheap. This sort of outfit is simply perfect for any indoor activity you’re having such as cooking, watching tv, following the news, or simply enjoying the nice weather on your balcony. Hopefully your wardrobe doesn’t include fancy clothing only since those types about fit will prove to be very useful; and versatile these days. If in any case you don’t own any we suggest you order some online. You may think that those clothes are quite casual and not very distinctive but worry not because that’s how everyone feels these days. They are so versatile you can wear them every day and still feel the comfy feeling they give. In the end nobody is watching and judging you inside your house. You can use those clothing to grab some pictures for your Instagram account and share them with your followers to share a bit of your daily life.

Online Meeting Outfits

With the entire world working from home right now, it’s important that you look good on the online meeting you have with your colleagues or live stories on Instagram. The amazing news here, its the fact that you no longer need to dress to impress entirely. In the end they will only see you from the waist and up so you can use the same casual clothing you were using before. To make your waist and up look good we suggest you wear a sweater, fix your hair a little bit, maybe use a pair of glasses and you’re good to go to your meeting. The perks of this outfit are comfortable and it still makes you look good on camera. You can use this outfit to snap some selfies and share them on your social media. As mentioned above you should be engaged on your social media more than ever right now.

Grocery Store Outfit

Our Store outfit is essential for everyone. This is the chance you’ve been waiting to “wow” everyone you see on the street. However you should always play it safe and wear your mask, gloves and use hand sanitizer. Knowing you need to wear those it may get a bit hard for you to get a style that would look good on them. What we suggest for this blessed day it’s a pair of blue jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket. You can fix your hair a little bit, use a pair of glasses and you’re good to go. Use this chance to go snap a few pictures for you to use on your social media. Make sure your safety measures are in focus as this will encourage others to use the necessary protection measures everyone needs to use. As mentioned above your social media it’s more crucial than ever now. Goes without saying that people have so much free time in their hands right now therefore you need to make sure they are spending that time watching you and your work.