Back pain is one of the main causes of doctor visits each year and back pain symptoms can range in intensity anywhere from mild to severe with the pain spread to upper, middle, and low back.

The close connection between the sciatic nerve and the lower back, spine, and legs explains why issues in these areas often result in sciatica pain.

Sciatica is one of those diseases affecting millions of people worldwide but it’s not well understood and its often overlooked by health professionals but those who suffer know how painful it is.


Now you can take painkillers to ease the pain but that won’t help you out in the long-term which is why alternative solutions are needed in this case.

Most people suffering from chronic pain know they should & want to get more massages but its too pricey most of the time.

Well, we got you covered, you can now relieve lower back pain AND sciatica pain at the same time with a simple DIY home massage.

All you need for this DIY massage is a couple of tennis balls, duct tape and just 10 minutes daily.

Sounds good? This is what you need to do:

1: Use ducktape to place the 2 tennis balls together in a peanut shape.
2: Place the balls on the ground and lie on them on your back with the knees bent with the ball parallel to your waist just above the lower back.
3: When comfortable, raise both arms with fingers pointed towards the ceiling.
4: Bring one arm back and hold it there for a few seconds then bring it back up.
5: Do the same with the other arm
6: Repeat 3-5 times for each arm.

You can also use a single tennis ball if you wish so.

This is a helpful video from Renee

Exercise is crucial for lower back pain relief and it won’t give you lifetime cravings for opiates.

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