The reason why we write so many articles about physical exercises is that they are so important for the overall health. We want to spread ideas and different exercises because we are witnessing the benefits so we want everyone to be healthy. Not only this, as exercising helps us freshen our mind and thus making us feel happier.

You should not just have the conviction that exercises are good. You cannot deny or ignore the importance of diets. The combination of regular exercising and eating a healthy diet is the key to having a healthy body. Further you will be able to check out five selected exercises which will contribute to an improved body form and health, combined with a healthy diet.

1. Push-ups.

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First of all, doing push-ups is difficult so don’t stress yourself if you cannot do many of them, especially if you are a beginner at it. The most important thing is that push-ups activate and exercise almost all our body’s muscles. Thus, you will benefit a lot from push-ups, starting with an improved body posture, fewer chances of suffering from back pain, improve the cardiovascular system, stretch muscles etc.

2. Plank.

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Plank exercise is almost as effective as push-ups are. You can do it without equipment and everywhere, enough to have some free space. It can seem hard when you start them but, just like with push-ups, you’ll get used to it. Start with the position almost the same as with push-ups. The only difference is that you should position with your toes and forearm. Make sure your body is and remains straight during the exercise. Hold the position as much as you can and don’t move.

3. Bird-dog exercise.

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Position yourself almost same as during plank exercise with the only difference that you should recline on the floor with your palms and knees. Elongate one hand forward and also the opposite-side leg backward. Make sure you position them in a straight line with your body and try to maintain balance. Hold the position for a while and switch limbs. Bird-dog exercise will mostly train your lower back and abs.

4. Squats.

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Position your body straight and elongate your arms forward so they come to a straight line with your shoulders. After that, start bending your knees and get low. Don’t forget to keep your spine in a straight position. You can also add weight while doing squats but if you are a beginner we don’t encourage you to do so. This exercise will help you train your calves, quads and will make your core more powerful.

5. Lying hip raises.

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Lie on your back in the floor. Bend your knees and stretch your arms while laying them on the floor. All you have to do now is to raise your hips as high as you can and then slowly put down. Repeat for several times and take some rest before starting again from the beginning. You can also add weight to your belly but keep in mind to hold it with your hands. Lying hip raises exercise will help you exercise your back, abs, thighs, hamstrings etc.

Now that you saw these five exercises, we have also prepared an exercising plan with them. This exercising plan aims to improve your body in just one month if you follow them properly and with dedication. We have designed two different basic sessions as follow:

First workout session:

Make sure to break for 10 seconds after each exercise.

Second workout session:

Plank – 3 minutes;Lying hip raises – 3 minutes;Bird-dog – 3 minutes;Push-ups – 1 minute;

Do fifteen seconds break after each exercise.

Remember also that this exercising plan will be done 6 days in a week and you should rest during the remaining day. Let’s check out the first week’s program below:

Day 1 – 1st Workout.Day 2 – 2nd Workout.Day 3 – 1st Workout.Day 4 – 2nd Workout.Day 5 – 1st Workout.Day 6 – 2nd Workout.Day 7 – break

Second week’s program:

Day 1 – 2nd Workout.Day 2 – 1st Workout.Day 3 – 2nd WorkoutDay 4 – 1st Workout.Day 5 – 2nd Workout.Day 6 – 1st Workout.Day 7 – break

The third week should include the first week’s program and the last week should include the second week’s program

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