Knee pain is one of the main causes of chronic pain in the United States. According to Classic Rehabilitation, Inc., 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain including foot pain, hip pain etc. There are also other minor injuries from which humans suffer chronically but we are going to focus mainly on these three most common ones. The focus is on presenting you six exercises which will help in alleviating the pain from foot, knee and hip chronic pains.

source: radianthealthmag

This type of exercise will help you to strengthen your knee muscles as well as your ankles.

  • Get a chair and position yourself behind it.
  • Raise one leg just like in the picture.
  • Gently raise your other leg until you find yourself standing on your toes.
  • Slowly put the leg back on the floor.
  • Switch legs.
  • Repeat the exercise approximately for 15 times for each leg.

Toe walking

source: walkingandwheeling

This type of exercise is not so difficult. It is so simple that you can do it even if you are dealing with something else like cleaning your house or other household chores. Try to do some fast toe-walking paces because this exercise will improve your calves and also your toes. For a better result, it is recommended to walk on toes for up to 15 minutes. You can also do the walking until you are tired as a beginning.

Ankle сircles

source: BrightSide
  • Chose your preferred position, sitting or standing up.
  • Move your foot in a circular movement.
  • Do two types of circular movement, inward and outward circles.
  • Ten times for each type of circular movement.

Resistance training

source: Youtube

The only equipment needed for this exercise is a resistance band. This exercise will improve the calf muscles as well as your thigh muscles.

  • Place the band in a fixed furniture.
  • Put the other end of the band in the upper part of your foot.
  • Put one leg under the lower part of the leg which is stuck to the band and bent the knee a little.
  • Pull the band slowly by bending it towards your upper body part.
  • Switch legs and do approximately up to 15 pullings for each leg.

Toe games

source: TrinityLaban
  • Fold your toes.
  • With your toes grab the towel which you can put on the floor.
  • Try to put a small item, as large as a pebble, into the bin only through the help of your toes.

Walking on balls

source: piedmontpmr
  • You will need a tennis ball or any ball of approximate size.
  • Do it while sitting.
  • Step on the ball.
  • Push the ball towards your toes and reverse it.


source: brightside

Acupressure is a common massage which is very popular globally. If you feel pain at the end of the day on your feet, consider doing this type of massage. Just like in the picture, put your thumbs in the spots. Thumbs should be put between toes 1 and 2, and between toes 4 and 5. Massage the spots for some 15 minutes and you will feel relaxed.

It doesn’t cost you anything to try these exercises. We highly suggest you to try these exercises because probably you will feel the improvements and will thank us later.