Is It Expensive to Become an Instagram Model Via Plastic Surgery

Instagram is full of young girls living the best of this life thanks to their modeling career. This job can be quite fulfilling and it gives you the chance to live a great and luxurious life. However, to be a model you need to look perfect and not everyone has that luck. Many young girls today decide to take the perfect Instagram look into a whole new level by spending tons of money to have plastic surgery.

Many new aspiring models tend to fix everything they don’t like on their face or body so they can have the look they always wanted. They go through a major change in their face and body. You will probably not gonna recognize them the next time you meet. Here are some of the features of famous models that young girls get inspired by.


Having a nose like Angelina Jolie

Goes without saying that not everyone is happy with their face especially with the size and shape of their nose. Rhinoplasty is now one of the best solutions to fix your nose problems and many young girls choose this. The price for a nose job can change a lot depending on the model you want or the initial nose your doctor needs to work with. Any major change to your nose can cost you up to $ 2,000 or more depending on the above-mentioned factors. However, if you really like to have the perfect Instagram model nose and the money is not a problem for you you know what to do now. Get in touch with a surgeon and he delivers the nose you always dreamed about.

Having Lips like Kylie Jenner

We all have seen Kylie Jenner’s drastic transformation all over social media and surely it’s impressive. If you want to have lips like hers you should use hyaluronic acid. Even tho it’s not cheap, the end results are amazing and often a dream come true for many young girls. However, the only drawback you may have from this it’s the price. Getting your lips done costs around $1,500. However, the price shouldn’t be your only concern since to get perfect lips you will undergo many procedures. You need to be sure you’ve chosen the right doctor that has many experiences to avoid any possible unpleasantness in the end.


Having Cheeks like Kim Kardashian

Having cheeks like Kim Kardashian is mandatory whenever you want to look like an Instagram model. Like everything in the plastic world cheeks cost a lot. Getting the perfect cheeks would cost you around $3,500; however, once that is done, you will have a near-perfect face. Once that is done your Instagram pictures will blow everyone away. You will have the cheeks everyone would love to kiss. Get yourself a good and experienced doctor for this job so it can avoid all your fears.

Having Eyes like Bella Hadid

Deciding to be an Instagram model can be quite expensive especially when you want to change some of the features in your face. One of those features it’s your eyes. Getting your eyes to look like Bella Hadid aka cat-like goes around $3,000. The procedure itself it’s called blepharoplasty, and it’s painless. You can also use botox to get your eyebrows fixed.

Having a perfect chin and teeth.

To make everything look in order with your new facial features you’re going to need a new chin. Chin plastic surgery costs around $3,500 or even more depending on your original. And last but one of the most important it’s your teeth. As an Instagram model, you would be smiling a lot and for that, you need to have the perfect teeth. That procedure doesn’t come cheap, however, It can cost you up to $2,000 or more.