Modeling Release Forms

As a model, you’re guaranteed to become good at many things. From walking to posing, doing makeup, or fixing your hair. There is no limit to the things you’re going to learn. You’ll also be introduced to the business side of modeling which not many models know about. However, this isn’t a bad thing. Once you get enough experience within the industry your business side will become natural for you. A good place for you to start business modeling is to learn more about modeling release forms. This form is the most used legal document in the modeling industry.

What Is a Model Release Form?

A model release form it’s the most standard and legal document between an agency and model or model and the photographer. This document spells out how your photos will be used, grants them permission to use your photos, or it gives full right on companies over how the photos will be published. If you’re a model younger than 18 ( 16 in France ) your release form should be signed by your parents or guardians. That way it will be marked as a valid document.

What’s Included in a Form?

  1. Modeling release forms may vary in terms and conditions depending on the agency you’re working with. They include legal jargon so you might find it hard to understand a few things. Usually, they conclude information such as :
  2. The photographer/ agency’s name, the model’s name, and the date the release form is being released.
  3. States who have the right to use your photos. It’s usually a photographer but sometimes a client and an agency are involved.
  4. How will your photos be used? As a model, you’re giving permission for the photos to be used according to what’s written on the contract. This removes any right you had about the photos in the first place and the client can use your photos over the sort of advertisement stated.
  5. Where will your photos be used? This is crucial for you to understand whether you’re paid fairly for the pictures. You need to specify where the photos will be used ex billboards, print advertisements, digital advertisements, billboards posters, etc. This will make you realize how much exposure your photos will get.
  6. The duration of the agreement it’s stated in the contract as well. This shows how long they will have the rights over your photos. Usually, they go for one or two years but that may change depending on many factors.
  7. And last but not least it includes your name, address, and signature.


When Are Modeling Release Forms Used

Modeling release forms are usually required when the photos you have can be identified and are used for commercial purposes. That includes promoting products, services, posters, catalogs, billboards, or any sort of digital or print advertisement. The only scenarios where they aren’t mandatory it’s when the purpose of your photos are used for educational purposes or you’re advertising something without showing your face. However, we suggest that even then you sign a release form just in case to avoid any unpleasant situation in the future.

When Are They Signed?

They are usually signed before you start your photoshoot or at the location where you’re shooting. It can be signed at any point whether before or after. Keep in mind that your photographer cant sells your photos unless he has the modeling release form in his hands.


Do I Have to Sign It?

Absolutely yes. If you want to be a model then you need your photos to sell. If not your photos won’t be used and you will never get the recognition you seek for. However, we suggest you don’t rush and sign it immediately. Check it out first and see if you have anything unclear that needs clarification. As any legal document goes you should never sign something without reviewing them first.