Myths About Becoming a Model

When it comes to modeling there are many myths that may create confusion especially to new girls who aspire to become models. Unfortunately, those stories can cause confusion and prevent a young girl to stop pursuing their dreams of becoming a model. Here are some of the myths that exist in modeling and what’s the truth about them. This post will probably help you realize that you don’t have to stop your dreams because of irrelevant things.


You Have to Be Tall

While height is a requirement for many modeling jobs such as runway modeling or fashion modeling there are plenty of modeling categories for models who are under a certain height. Goes without saying that there are occasions when even big modeling houses in New York, Paris, and Milan. For agencies high it’s irrelevant if you are a model who brings a complete package in the table.

Such an occasion is Kate Moss. She was one of the first models to break the barrier of a six feet tall model in the industry. Even male models are able to break that barrier. There have been cases where top fashion agencies hired models below the required height so this should not prevent you from chasing your dream. Even if you get rejected at least you tried. Even if you don’t get signed by a fashion agency or runway agency due to your height then don’t worry. There are plenty of markets there looking for models of all heights and body sizes.


You Have to Be Skinny

With more women demanding to see the real women in the industry many fashion markets have responded to that. Plus size modeling is a great example. Over the last years it’s one of the fastest-growing categories and undoubtedly one of the most important categories in the industry.

Modeling agencies don’t need skinny girls one. They are always welcoming girls who are curvy or plus-size and believe it or not they are turning those girls into superstars. Many major markets such as New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, etc have a divided section that only focuses on plus-size modeling. Even the amazing Victoria’s Secret fashion house made its first debut on plus-size modeling in 2019. Our point is that you don’t need to be a pencil-thin girl to follow your dreams of a successful modeling career.

So even if you’re curvy or plus size, beautiful and fierceness, love modeling then you should not stop chasing your dreams. There are plenty of agencies out there waiting to discover you.

You Have to Be Young

As previously mentioned what consumers demand modeling agencies get. And lately consumers want to see models who represent a wide variety of ages. In today’s industry you can find mature models or junior and junior plus models who are quite essential for the market. They include a wide range of commercial usages such as traveling, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, or high fashion. So if you’re over 25 but still love modeling then don’t let your age hold you back. Agencies are always looking for people who aren’t always twenty years old.


You Need Professional Photos

We cannot stress this enough. Professional photos are never required especially when you’re just starting out your career. All you need is simple snapshots and exposure. Your agents will, later on, determine and value your potential as a model. You can either be a fashion icon or a commercial model.

Once an agency has decided that they want to represent you, then you can start thinking about spending money on professional photos. Depending on the type of agency you’re working for you can even get a payment in advance that will cover your photo shooting. Your photos will be made depending on the sort of market or category you’re in.