What’s Catalog Modeling And How To Become One

Catalog modeling has gained quite the popularity these days and all thanks to the internet. It’s one of the most valuable modeling categories. You easily see them everywhere whether that’s print or digital. You can see them everywhere on your mobile, desktop, market, street. All these ways to gain exposure as a catalog model means it will be easier for you to land a job. This post will teach you what catalog modeling is and how to become one.

What Catalog Modeling Brands Do You Like

Catalog models are also considered as commercial models or girls who look more like real people rather than runway models. You need to possess a great healthy body with glowing skin, healthy hair, and a seductive smile. You need to have a look that is appealing to your client’s customers.

Depending on the catalog you’re client’s you could either be short, tall, young, old, or plus size. Diversity is quite wide in this category therefore they are always on the lookout for more average people. If you’re having a hard time entering runway modeling or fashion modeling then we are certain that this category is great for you. Just discover a look that looks great for you and start working on that.

Catalog modeling it’s nearly the same as parts modeling. You don’t need a cute face and body, just somebody parts such as your hands, legs, feet, ankles, etc. So if you dream of becoming a model those two categories are quite easy to reach.

How Much Can You Earn From Catalog Modeling

As a catalog model your salary depends a lot on many factors such as your experience level, the type of catalog you’re shooting for, or the type of agency you’re working for. Some agencies tend to deduct your fees by 10%–20%. So to keep it short you can earn hundreds of dollars per day if you work on a small company and thousands per day if you advance to popular catalogs and mainstream companies.

Goes without saying that models who’ve been into the catalog industry for a while are now living a good life from this work alone. Giving you work hours and the sheer volume of photos you need to take. We think that catalog modeling it’s quite an awesome job. Keep in mind that in the USA models are considered self-employed unless something in your contract says you’re working for a specific agency.

Entering in Catalog Modeling

The great thing about this modeling category it’s the fact that you don’t have to be defined by a particular style to be on track. This category wants all body types as long as they offer a good approach to the masses. A lot of models used this category as a way to jumpstart their modeling careers. Since it’s so easy to enter we suggest you consider it. All you need it’s a great appealing face and exposure and you’re set.

Models and Agencies

Most major brands in the US or in the world work with modeling agencies to advertise their products or services. Catalogs are expensive and to shoot them requires a lot of time so the clients need that safety that their advertisement is going to be shot by a professional agency with professional models. You need to be on time and always get the job done right. Working with an agency means you will have more modeling jobs than you ever had before. The more jobs the more responsibility you will have.